Manager Dashboard

My Role: UX only

Amazon pickup stores have hundreds of packages moving in and out daily. They have a large monitor set up to show their location's current status and how they're doing on inventory space. The current dashboard was not meeting their needs, so I collaborated with a visual designer to redesign how they showed their store's live data.



Project goals

The dashboard should...

  • Be immediately digestible at a glance
  • Be readable from a few feet away
  • Be configurable for different stores and devices
  • Meet store managers' and associates' needs
    (see Audience for details)


  • Store managers, who want to see...
    • Where their attention is needed
    • If they are running out of inventory space
    • If customer wait times are longer than usual
    • If they are on-track to meeting their store's daily goal
  • Store associates, who want to see...
    • If their attention is urgently needed anywhere
    • If they need to pick up the pace to avoid missing the store's daily goal


Paper wireframe

Paper wireframe

Final visual design

Final visual design

Design improvements

  • Impactful visualizations made it easy for associates to differentiate each module, and be able to see at-a-glance how each area is performing
  • Associates can quickly look at the color of each section to see if their attention is needed (for color-blind associates, words and icons supplement the color change)
  • Simplified language improved reading speed, digestibility, and made it easier for associates to understand what each metric meant