The Azzi Group

My Role: UX, Visual Design

The Azzi Group is a high-end real estate company selling properties in the Los Angeles area. Their current brand expression was too generic and conservative compared to their audience, so they came to me for a rebrand as a modern, luxurious, sophisticated real estate company appealing to their wealthy clients.

Identity Redesign

Color Palette
Black, white and red keep the brand modern, while splashes of gold highlight the luxury aspect of this brand.

Frutiger, a Swiss sans-serif typeface, is a modern and easy-to-read choice for the body copy. Headlines use Arno, a font inspired by the opulence of 16th century Florence, Italy.

Website Redesign

Website Wireframes  / All content and navigation was restructured to be more intuitive for the user.

Email Templates

Email Templates  / All designed and programmed to be editable in Mailchimp.