Amazon In-store Pickup

My Role: UX, Visual Design

Based on usability research, it was clear that Amazon's pickup UX needed updating. I eliminated many points of confusion and refreshed the visual UI so it matched the rest of’s interface.



Here’s how pickup works:

  1. Customer selects the pickup option at checkout.

  2. Amazon sends an email notification when their package arrives at their nearby Amazon store.

  3. The email links to the mobile pickup experience (see screens below). Customer enters the store and waits a minute for their package to get loaded into a locker.

  4. Once their package is ready, a barcode appears that can be scanned to open the locker door.


Problems with existing design:

  • The 15-minute countdown on the barcode screen alarms customers unnecessarily. Some even assumed their package would be sent back if they don't pick up their package within 15 minutes.

  • Users thought the large number on the barcode screen indicates "step 1" instead of "locker #1". If users go to the wrong locker number, their barcode will not work.

  • The visual design is inconsistent with the rest of

After: Wireframes

After I made fixes to the design, user testing verified that customers went to the correct locker and picked up their package with no problems. Fixes included:

  • Simplifying wording to reduce confusion

  • Eliminating the stressful 15-minute countdown

  • Improved hierarchy of barcode screen for better comprehension

After: Visual design

It's important for customers to have a continuous cohesive experience across, so I updated the visual design to be in-line with Amazon's new visual standards.


Pickup email notification


  • Problem: The email is misleading. Customers read the email (below) and expect to get their pickup code immediately. Once they get taken to the pickup experience (above), they don’t understand why they have to wait a minute for a barcode to generate.

  • Problem: Visual design is inconsistent with Amazon design standards


  • New wording explains that Amazon associates will need some time to prepare the pickup, eliminating the expectation of getting the barcode immediately

  • Visually in-line with new Amazon design standards

  • Store address easier to see

  • Simplifies content by consolidating the expiration date with item list

“How-To” email for new customers

Problem: Research and customer feedback showed that new customers aren't sure what to expect when walking in to an Amazon pickup store.

  1. They assume they must pick up their items from the counter—it doesn’t occur to them to use the lockers.

  2. They are confused as to why they must wait for a pickup code to generate on their phone.


To alleviate some of this confusion, I facilitated a brainstorming session with developers and product management to come up with ideas for how to help new customers.



Send a "How-To" email to new customers explaining what to expect after they placed their order. I designed the email specifically around these points:

  • Short, simple wording—if customers only skimmed the headlines, they would still understand how pickup works.

  • Icons to help visualize the action taken in each step.

  • Fits Amazon’s visual guidelines